Chroni Elisabeth

Mrs. Elisabeth Chroni is Professor of Neurology, University of Patras, Greece.





Elisabeth Chroni was born in Greece in 1960. She received her degree in Medicine from the University of Patras, Greece  in 1984 and trained in Evagelismos Hospital, Athens as a Neurologist till 1990. She obtained a PhD degree in clinical neurophysiology from the University of London, U.K. in 1994. She was elected as lecturer in Neurology, University of Patras, in 1989, Assistant Professor in 2003 and became Professor in the same University in 2010.  

Clinical and Rearch Exprerience
During her 5-year specialization at St. Thomas' Hospital, London, U.K. she was trained in all aspects of clinical neurophysiology, including electroencephalography, evoked potentials and electromyography, and participarted in financially supported research projects.  She has recently (2011) gained experience in single-Fiber EMG and the motor unit counting technique in the Department of Clinical Neurophysiology, University of Uppsala, Sweden.
Current research interests include projects conserning neurophysiological evaluation of nerve and muscle disorders, electrocardiagraphic and electromyographic signal off-line analysis, clinical and research applications of transcranial magnetic stimulation and  neurophysiological studies of autonomic nervous system.

Contact Details:


Department of Neurology
University Hospital of Patras
Rion 26505 Achaia
4th level, 3rd section

Telephone +30 2610 999485