Tsolaki Magda

Mrs. Magda Tsolaki is Neurologist - Psychiatrist, Theologian, Professor in Aristotle University, "G. Papanikolaou" General Hospital, Thessaloniki, Chairman of Pan-Hellenic Federation of Alzheimer's Disease.


  1. High School grade: «Excellent», 1972
  2. Medical school grade (8) «Very Good» 1978
  3. Obligatory duty as a doctor in a village, 1979-1980
  4. Speciality of Neurologist and Psychiatrist, 1980-1983

Academic appointments - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

  1. Diploma Thesis 1983 “excellent”
  2. Scientific Collaborator 1982
  3. Lecturer 1985
  4. Assistant Professor,  1989
  5. Associate Professor, 2000
  6. Professor, 2010

Visits in different departments of the world

  1. Department of Neurology of Mass Genenal Hospital, April 1991
  2. Studio Multi-centrico Italiano Sulla Demenza-SMID, June 1992.
  3. Institut of London, June,  1993
  4. (East Lambeth Community Team- The Maudsley Hospital)
  5. Karolinska Institute, Department of Neurology and Gerontology, Huddinge, October, 1997
  6. Clinical Pharmacology, Neurology and Neuropsychology, Centre Hospitalier Regional et Universitaire De Rennes, November, 1997
  7. Boston University (22 November-22 December, 2004)


  1. Universita  Degli Studi Di Perugia, Gerontologia E Geriatria, Director: Prof . U. Senin
  2. Universita’ Di Perugia. Instituto Clinica Malattie Nervose E Mentali, Director : Prof Virgilio Gallai
  3. Karolinska Institute, Huddinge, Sweden, Director: B.Winblad
  4. Neurological Institut of Cyprus, Director: L.Middleton
  5. The Age Concern Institute of Gerontology. King’s College London, Director: Emily Grundy MA
  6. University of London United Kingdom: Professor Simon Lovestone (INNOMED)
  7. University of Kuopio, Finland: Professor Hillka Soininen
  8. University of Boston: Professor Robert Green Lisday Farrer (MIRAGE)
  9. University of Zurich: Professor Andreas Papassotiropoulos (Genetics studies)
  10. University of Toulouse, Professor Bruno Vellas (EADC, ICTUS)
  11. University of Maastricht, Professor Frans Verhey, Dr Pieter Visser (DESCRIPA-EDAR)
  12. University of Brescia Dr Giovanni Frisoni (ENIR)
  13. University of Patras, Greece

Clinical work

  1. 1983-1988 Intensive Care Units and Pain Clinics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
  2. 1988-2010 Clinical Neurology in the 3rd Department of Neurology in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
  3. 1990- 2011 Responsible of Memory and Dementia Outpatient Clinic

Laboratory work

  1. Diploma Thesis of 11 doctors
  2. Responsible of the Laboratory of the 3rd Department of Neurology until 1995.


  1. Since 1982-2011 Medical lessons to medical students
  2. 1994-95  I was  teaching Clinical Neurology in the University of Thessalia, Greece
  3. Responsible of Educational program of doctors in our Neurological Department until 2006
  4. «Neuropsychological Assessment of old people» in the Department of Psychology of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki 1995-2003
  5. Neurolinguistics Postgraduate Lectures in the Department of Cognitive Psychology of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, 1996-2004
  6. Visitor Professor for graduate students for Neurolinguistics
  7. Responsible of Educational Programs of Greek Alzheimer Association and

Responsible of a Postgraduate Course “Neurodegenerative Diseases”

AWARDS (29) since 1985 for the best study in Greek and Foreign Conferences and Projects

Research and training projects funded
Research European or Greek Projects (30)


  1. Books: 29
  2. Greek papers: 163
  3. English papers: 163

75 manuscripts in different journals and different Greek and English Conferences

Presentations in conferences

  1. English Presentations and Abstracts (268)
  2. Greek Presentations and Abstracts (316)
  3. Round Tables and Symposia (176)
  4. Greek Lectures (142)
  5. English Lectures (41)

Chair of 7 National Conferences on Alzheimer’s Disease, one European, (Alzheimer Europe-2003), one International (Alzheimer Disease International-2010).

Social Work

  1. 1995, she created the Greek Alzheimer’s Disease Association and Related Disorders
  2. 2007, she created the Greek Alzheimer’s Disease Foundation and Related Disorders
  3. 2007, Day Center “Saint Heleni” funded by European UNION (75%) and Ministry of Health (25%)
  4. 2009, Day Center “Saint Ioannis” funded by European UNION (75%) and Ministry of Health (25%)
  5. 2010, Effort for Day Centers in other cities in Greece

Contact Details:

Address General Hospital "G. Papanikolaou"
57010, Eksoxh
Telephone +30 2310 992356 (work)
Fax +30 2310 283973 (work)
+30 6942918933
E-mail tsolakim@med.auth.gr
Website www.tsolakimagda.gr